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I was never married to my child's mother. Can I get custody?

Child custody is always a heated issue in any relationship, but most often people discuss child custody in the context of a married couple filing for divorce. There are other circumstances under which child custody may become an issue, however, and perhaps one of the most difficult is when marriage was never part of the equation.

Helping Florida fathers' establish their rights

When it comes to matters of family law, many men suspect that they need all the help they can get to receive fair treatment. Whether or not this suspicion is truly accurate, it certainly does not exist without good reason. Statistics indicate that throughout history, mothers have been awarded sole custody of children more often than fathers; those are facts. Additionally, men are often required to pay spousal support more often and in higher amounts than women.

As a father, am I less likely to get custody of my child?

It is a well-known fact that in the past, mothers have perennially been awarded sole custody of children much more often than fathers in divorce cases. This has led to a somewhat misguided perception that the courts favor mothers more, and that there is a gender bias toward women in the courtroom. Even if this were true once, it is certainly not the case any longer.

Custody orders can be modified to give fathers more time

Like many courts all across the country, courts in Florida have begun to acknowledge the importance of fatherhood in the development of the child. In a system that has perennially granted mothers sole custody far more often than fathers, there has been a significant increase in the amount of shared parenting time that parents get with their children in the event of a divorce. This allows fathers to maintain a presence in the lives of their children, but it does not provide much assistance for fathers who have been absent from their children for years.

How does Florida define paternity?

In many cases, fathers fear that they will face gender discrimination in the courts when it comes to child custody matters. This leads to concern about whether or not they will get the parenting time they deserve with their children in the event of a divorce. However, there are some fathers who may struggle to spend any time with their children at all because they are not recognized as the actual father of the child.

As a father in Florida, what are my chances of getting custody?

It is not abnormal for fathers across the country to assume that they will be mistreated in a custody hearing. Years of courts granting primary custody to mothers has led some to believe that courts show an unfair bias against fathers in custody cases. However, modern studies have demonstrated the importance of a father in the development of the child, and we have seen a slow shift toward more fair and equal parenting time in divorce cases when custody is an issue.

Helping fathers gain the custody they deserve

Child custody and visitation are extremely important issues, but they are arguably a bigger concern for fathers, who have perennially been awarded sole custody of a child less often than mothers. This long history of courts seemingly favoring mothers over fathers has led to some men feeling as though they are treated unfairly in child custody hearings and given unfair custody agreements as a result. This is not necessarily true, but legal representation is still important in receiving a fair custody arrangement.

Florida's views on child custody

There are many fathers that become extremely concerned when issues of child custody arise in a divorce. This is understandable because of the courts' history of granting sole custodyy to mothers much more often than fathers, but while this concern may be understandable, it is not currently as valid as it once was. Study after study has demonstrated the benefits of having both parents actively involved in a child's upbringing, which has contributed to an increase of joint custody agreements all across the country.

Florida fathers deserve fair custody arrangements

There is a fairly pervasive belief that courts favor mothers when it comes to custody disputes, largely because historical evidence indicates that women were granted sole custody more than men. Fortunately for fathers in modern times, courts are starting to recognize that steady interaction with both parents is best for a child. As a result, more and more divorced Floridian families are seeing equal parenting time, which is good news for children and fathers alike.

How unmarried Florida fathers can establish paternity

Florida statutes set forth the procedures for determining paternity for a child born to unmarried parents. Unmarried fathers may choose to establish paternity in order to receive fathers' rights such as parenting time or custody. The state will accept paternity that has been established through a hearing before a judge in the context of dependency or inheritance for the child. For example, if paternity was established during a workers' compensation hearing, it would be accepted by the state.

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