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What child support may be used for in Florida

Contrary to a popular misconception, child support is not designed in order to just meet a child's most basic necessities. Although these types of expenses are certainly included, the child support guidelines consider a broad range of expenses for children. Child support amounts are set in order to help pay for this broad range.

How can a parent enforce child support payments?

The state of Florida has a number of ways to enforce the payment of child support from a parent. If the parent doesn't pay the required amount, the state could garnish the parent's wages, seize any bank accounts, suspend the parent's drivers license or even put the parent in jail. However, things could become more difficult if the parent in question lives in another state. There are jurisdictional issues which must be worked out before implementing any discipline or collections.

How DNA paternity testing works

As many Florida residents may know, DNA testing may be used to establish the identity of a child's biological father. This method is also used to present legal evidence in situations such as child support, adoption, immigration and custody. It may also be employed to issues surrounding inheritance, insurance, social security benefits and inherited medical problems.

How unmarried Florida fathers can establish paternity

Florida statutes set forth the procedures for determining paternity for a child born to unmarried parents. Unmarried fathers may choose to establish paternity in order to receive fathers' rights such as parenting time or custody. The state will accept paternity that has been established through a hearing before a judge in the context of dependency or inheritance for the child. For example, if paternity was established during a workers' compensation hearing, it would be accepted by the state.

Procedures to establish Florida child support

Legal responsibility for financially supporting children typically resides with both parents, but a divorce and award of custody in Florida does not automatically establish the means of enforcing this financial obligation on non-custodial parents. Instead, Orlando parents must seek a child support order that states the amount per Florida guidelines. Some requirements are necessary to establish the order, and other actions are suggested to ensure fair child support payments.

Florida child support guidelines

Florida parents dealing with child support concerns may wonder how amounts are computed and what to expect when modifications are needed. A number of issues are taken into consideration by the court, including a child's age, needs, standard of living and stage of life. Additionally, the financial condition and abilities of each parent may be taken into consideration. While guidelines based on income direct the amount of support to be ordered, a variation of 5 percent more or less than that amount may be ordered with appropriate justification.

What to do when your ex won't or can't pay child support?

Florida custodial parents may be interested in how the law can help them to enforce a child support order for their children. In many cases, certain actions can be taken to punish the parent who is in arrears. After a child support order is approved by a court, the power of the court can be used to enforce it if the required payments are not made. In Florida, there is a specific procedure to follow in cases where there are delinquent payments. First, the payee parent should alert the state child support office in their area. The child support office will then use the Department of Revenue to persuade the other party to make their payments.

Help during child support disputes

Becoming involved in child support disputes can be a trying experience for many Florida residents. In addition to the emotional stress, laws regarding support vary between states, and cases involving families that have recently relocated and divorced in Florida may be handled differently by the courts. However, working with a law firm that has experience in such cases might be able to help make proceeding easier on all of the involved parties.

Social media a tool to hold deadbeat parents accountable

Divorced Florida residents who are paying or receiving child support may be interested in a report regarding non-paying parents in Wisconsin being taken into custody after authorities noticed their flashy social media posts. In some cases, these individuals are facing felony charges for dodging their child support payments.

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