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Learning more about child support trends

Parents in Florida might want to learn more about some of the trends and principles observed from recent child support data by federal agencies and researchers. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, less than 49 percent of all parents are actually awarded child support. Records show that more than 53 percent of the mothers were awarded child support, while less than 29 percent of the custodial fathers were able to achieve the support.

Representing Florida parents in child support modification cases

Many Florida residents seek quick divorces that will minimize the amount of time they have to spend in court. However, this can be to the detriment of one or both of the parties if a judge issued a child support order. In many cases, the original child support order is insufficient to cover children's needs. In other cases, either children's or parents' needs change, prompting parents to seek either a reduction or increase to the monthly support amount.

Parental relocation when child custody is involved

When there is a written court order granting responsibility, rights or custody of a child, simple things like parental relocation can quickly become legal issues in the state of Florida. Relocation is defined as the parent with primary rights to the child changing their main residence to another location more than 50 miles away for a period of at least 60 consecutive days.

Making parenting agreements

Florida couples with children who are divorcing may wish to try to reach an agreement about parenting before going to court. Although this is not always possible, sometimes parents are able to work with their attorneys to negotiate a parenting plan outside of court that they then submit to a judge.

Keeping children safe in Florida

A Florida parent who has been accused of a crime that involves a minor child may be subject to the presumption of detriment. This means that there is a risk to the child whenever that parent has visitation rights to or custody of that child. In some cases, the crime may be physical in nature such as hitting a child or taking the child out of state against a court order.

Determining when child support ends

Some parents in Florida may be interested in learning about child support obligations and the factors that might affect how long such payments last. Understanding when the obligations might end may be beneficial for both parties. The parent who is receiving such payments may be able to take steps to prepare for the loss of income when the support order ends, and the parent who is paying the money might be able to prepare the necessary evidence for ending the order.

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