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5 considerations for fathers in child custody cases

Fighting for your children is something that most fathers will do without batting an eye. This is often the case when a father is going through a child custody battle. Before you embark on the fight, you must understand some basic points about child custody so you can put that knowledge to use as you endeavor to secure the fairest share in raising your children.

Divorcing fathers should push to create a parenting agreement

As a father going through the divorce process, you'll have many things on your mind. In addition to the actual split from your wife, you need to consider what this will mean to your future with regard to raising your children.

Preparation can lead to success during child custody mediation

A large portion of success in any endeavor can be attributed to preparation. So if you are a divorcing parent who is worried about your impending child custody mediation, you may want to focus your efforts on getting ready for your next meeting.

Pitt and Jolie set aside custody issues for holiday gathering

One of the more compelling celebrity stories of 2016 is that of Brad Pitt's and Angelina Jolie's very public divorce. And child custody issues are a key component of the drama which included allegations of child abuse leveled against Mr. Pitt. Although Mr. Pitt was cleared of these charges, he currently is only allowed to visit the couple's six children with a therapist present.

Holiday planning is a key element of your parenting plan

The holiday season can be both a joyous and complicated time for all parents. But if you are a parent who is going through a divorce, the holiday season can present a variety of complications. Typically, both parents want to have lots of time with their children, but unless they are able to totally table their differences so the entire family can be together, they will have to share.

Communication with your ex can help enforce parenting decisions

If you are a parent who is preparing to divorce, the dynamics of your relationship with your child will change. Even if you did not get along with your partner, you likely openly shared your opinions on the important aspects of your child's life. But after the divorce, much of the time spent with your child will be while under your exclusive care. This means that you will be making many parenting decisions by yourself.

Sole vs. shared custody

Florida's current laws on child custody matters in a divorce state both parents should share. Generally, this 50/50 split allows for each parent to continue providing regular emotional support and to exercise their standard parental rights and duties despite dissolution of the marriage.

Is your school year custody schedule working as well as possible?

The summer has ended and school bells are ringing to summon children back to class. If you're a parent, life is very different once school starts up. In addition to school, your children may have music lessons, team sports or any number of other activities vying for their time. This means that your schedule will alter to accommodate their itineraries.

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