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What factors do courts consider for grandparent custody?

When it comes to grandparents' rights, there is no doubt that the courts favor parents in most instances. However, that is not to say that grandparents do not have rights and that they cannot receive fair court proceedings if they are being denied visitation rights, or even if they believe that they deserve custody of a child instead of the parents. Grandparents should simply be aware that any custody battles they bring up will likely be difficult to win.

Grandparents can take legal action for visitation

If you are a grandparent, you no doubt have a great understanding of the special relationship that grandparents share with grandchildren. These relationships are extremely important, almost as important as the relationships between children and their parents, and yet grandparents are often not treated the same as parents when it comes to custody and visitation. In many instances, grandparents are left on the outskirts of their grandchildren's lives without much legal recourse, but an attorney may be able to help you with this.

Grandparents can exercise their right to be with grandchildren

For many people, the chief concerns of family law involve who gets what in a divorce, including asset division, child support and child custody. However, there are many other legal matters covered by family law, and one of the most underrated of these is grandparents' rights. Just like other members of a family, grandparents care a great deal about seeing their loved ones, and the involvement of grandparents is important to building a strong family relationship.

Legal aid for grandparents seeking visitation rights

Grandparents play an important role in the upbringing of a child, and parents are encouraged to let their children enjoy a strong relationship with their grandparents. Unfortunately this does not always happen, and some grandparents have a very difficult time meeting with their grandchildren. In instances like these, grandparents are encouraged to remember that they have rights, and they can take legal action to be granted visitation with their grandchildren.

How does Florida treat grandparents' visitation rights?

Custody issues such as visitation are often hotly debated amongst divorced or divorcing parents, but so much focus put on the custody and visitation rights of parents, grandparents are sometimes ignored or neglected. There are very few established rules when it comes to grandparents' rightss, and most issues are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. However, even though the rules tend to vary by state, each state has precedents that may help grandparents understand what they can expect.

How do courts determine grandparents' visitation rights?

Most people know about the complexities of custody and visitation in the event of a divorce. The subject features prominently in many movies and television shows, and it is an understandable and relatable conflict to desire more time with your child when you are only allowed a set amount. But while the plight of divorced parents may be commonly acknowledged and appreciated, the similar struggle of grandparents is not quite as widely recognized. Despite this, it is important to remember that children can benefit greatly from a healthy relationship with their grandparents.

The basics of limiting grandparent visitation

In the state of Florida and other parts of the U.S., laws are on the books that permit grandparent visitations. While these laws vary from state to state, it is typically required that grandparents ask a court for the right to continue their relationships with their grandchildren. Parents have the most say when it comes to determining the stipulations of these visits.

If a grandparent is awarded visitation, what are the rules?

Florida grandparents may be awarded legal visitation rights if they are unable to work the issues out with the parents directly. When the court becomes involved in a grandparents' rights case, there are certain rules that must be followed by the grandparents and the child's parents or legal guardians.

Representing grandparents who are seeking visitation

At the Law Office of Amy L. Beauchaine, we believe that it is important for Florida children to maintain contact with their grandparents. Unfortunately, disputes within families and other issues can sometimes result in a child's parents refusing to allow a grandparent to continue the healthy relationship that they had established with their grandchildren.

The legal rights of grandparents in Florida

Matters can sometimes get contentious when Florida couples go through a divorce, and this is especially true when matters such as child custody and visitation are being discussed. While most would agree that children will be happier if they are able to see their grandparents regularly, this may be difficult to accomplish amicably when spouses become entrenched in their positions during a divorce. If you are a grandparent of a child who is the subject of a custody dispute, you may be able to pursue legal remedies if you are being denied visitation.

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