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Divorcing fathers should push to create a parenting agreement

As a father going through the divorce process, you'll have many things on your mind. In addition to the actual split from your wife, you need to consider what this will mean to your future with regard to raising your children.

What are some pitfalls faced by newly divorced fathers?

You may not have imagined that you would ever get divorced, but now that is the reality you are facing. And if you are a father, you may be wondering how to handle all of the forthcoming changes. It is understandable if you are apprehensive. While your divorce may be necessary and good for all involved, including your child, it also creates a new set of circumstances for which you may not be quite prepared.

Your imperfections won't keep you from being a great father

We all have flaws and we all do things that we are not especially proud of; this is simply part of being human. And it is all too easy to make mistakes that can damage a relationship. When a couple divorces, it is quite likely that both parties had a hand in creating the unresolvable conflict.

Backyard fun is great for father-son bonding

Fathering does not come naturally to all men. And sometimes a father may be unsure of the best way to spend time with his son. Well, the good news is that simply being together is what really matters and not what you choose to do. But if you are searching for some fun bonding activities, you need look no further than your own backyard. Here are three examples:

  • Do some grilling. Preparing food on the grill has several advantages. First, you get to teach your son a useful skill. You can fill him in on everything from how to season the meat, to how to cook it so it turns out just the way you like. And then, you get to eat!
  • Grow a garden. Whether you want to grow vegetables, fruit or some plants, working on a garden together can teach your son how with patience and hard work, you can reap handsome rewards. It is also a nice way to prepare your son to take care of a yard of his own.
  • Pick up a ball and play some catch. Throwing a ball around may be the king of all father-son activities. But again, it is a teaching opportunity. Playing catch can help your son develop his hand-eye coordination. Moreover, while throwing and catching you and your son will likely have some great conversations.

Simple measures can help fathers and children bond

Children benefit immensely by having a strong bond with their fathers. Fathers can provide children with a sense of security and help elevate their self-esteem. But building a solid relationship is not always easy, especially if a father and child have a limited amount of time to spend together. And if you're a father who is sharing custody of a child, you want to make sure that you are able to build your bond regardless of your time constraints.

Fathers' right movement has helped push for positive changes

Sometimes fathers are fearful of the prospect of fighting for custody of their children during a divorce. Such apprehension is easy to understand. For many years, the courts granted sole custody of children to mothers almost by rote. And too often, men were left with unfavorable terms that limited their access to their children.

Fathers are vital in the lives of teenage sons

Far too often, a father's role in his child's life is not given its due. And if you are a divorcing father, you may not even be aware of the valuable contributions you make to the health, happiness and development of your child. But when it comes time to craft a parenting agreement, you want to carefully consider both your child's and your own needs. And if you have a teenage son, your presence in his life is especially vital.

Father's Day is the story of a daughter's love

Every year on the third Sunday of June, we celebrate Father's Day. It is a day for thanking fathers for their love, support, companionship and guidance. While Father's Day may have always been a part of your life, have you ever wondered how the tradition started? Well, it actually began with a daughter who felt fathers should have the same kind of observance that already existed for mothers.

I was never married to my child's mother. Can I get custody?

Child custody is always a heated issue in any relationship, but most often people discuss child custody in the context of a married couple filing for divorce. There are other circumstances under which child custody may become an issue, however, and perhaps one of the most difficult is when marriage was never part of the equation.

Helping Florida fathers' establish their rights

When it comes to matters of family law, many men suspect that they need all the help they can get to receive fair treatment. Whether or not this suspicion is truly accurate, it certainly does not exist without good reason. Statistics indicate that throughout history, mothers have been awarded sole custody of children more often than fathers; those are facts. Additionally, men are often required to pay spousal support more often and in higher amounts than women.

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