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Beyonce's former manager entangled in a child support dispute

Florida residents familiar with hip-hop scene may find it interesting to learn that star Beyonce's former manager, Matthew Knowles, is entangled in a child support dispute with his ex-wife. Knowles has one son and is currently paying child support. However, his ex-wife is requesting that a court increase the $12,000 monthly support payment she receives to an undisclosed amount. The main reason for the request according to his ex-wife is that they have not decided on a private school for their son.

The consequences of not paying child support

After a divorce involving children or when an unmarried couple has a child from their relationship, typically one parent is a custodial parent and the other is the non-custodial parent. The non-custodial parent is obligated to pay monthly child support to the custodial parent, and, depending on the circumstances, may have visitation rights to see the child.

Court orders arrest of Scott Storch in child support case

Multiplatinum producer Scott Storch, who has produced hits by 50 Cent and Chris Brown, reportedly owes over $28,000 in child support to the mother his child. A Florida court issued a warrant for his arrest in his child support case after he failed to appear in court for a scheduled hearing. His attorney has indicated that Storch's child support arrears will be cleared within a week. The once highly successful multiplatinum producer has been plagued by drug-related and financial woes in recent times.

Boxing champ Evander Holyfield ordered to pay back child support

Former heavyweight boxing champion, Evander Holyfield was ordered by a judge to start reducing his debt of almost $564,000 by paying nearly $3,000 per month to his now 18-year old daughter. He has racked up this debt in unpaid child support. Reportedly, in addition to the back child support issues, Holyfield is facing other financial woes and his $14 million dollar home was foreclosed upon.

Running away won't fix an unfair child support order

It is important to understand child custody and child support in Florida and to have a legal advocate by your side during those determinations, so that you are not being taken advantage of by your spouse. In the event your finances change after the divorce, an attorney can also help you request a modification of a child support order with a court. Unfortunately, the man in today's posting utilized neither of those options.

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