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Proper representation is very helpful when dealing with the DFC

It would be wonderful if old TV shows like "The Brady Bunch" or "Growing Pains" were accurate portraits of family life. On those shows, problems were always small and solved before the closing credits. But unfortunately, families often lead complicated lives and sometimes mothers or fathers have serious personal issues. And if these issues are serious enough in nature, they may attract the attention of the Florida Department of Children and Families.

What steps can make co-parenting more effective?

If you are a parent who is in the process of divorcing your spouse, you have many details to work out before you sign the official decree. And of course, many of your most pressing issues will involve your children. It is almost certain that both you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse want what is best for the children. But sometimes emotions or resentments can lead a couple to act out in ways that are detrimental rather than helpful to the situation at hand.

What should parents consider when making vacation plans?

Summer means fun, especially for children who are free from having to go to school during the upcoming months. Summer can be fun for parents who welcome the opportunity to spend more time with their children. For divorced parents who are sharing custody, summer also means planning. It is important for parents to get on the same page in regards to vacation schedules.

Child custody is not just for divorcing couples

When most people think about child custody, they look no further than a divorcing couple arguing about which parent a child will live with after the marriage has ended, and how much visitation the non-custodial parent will be entitled to. This is perhaps the most important aspect of child custody, but it is by no means the only child custody issue that may arise. In fact, parents do not even have to divorce for child custody to become an issue.

Taking custody matters into your own hands is never the answer

Child custody matters are understandably important to many people, and it can feel very unfair when you are suddenly told by the courts that you can no longer see your child regularly. In such instances, it can be tempting to ignore the court's orders and make any attempt to see your child, but this is extremely inadvisable. Attempting to bypass court orders can actually harm your chances of ever regaining custody of your child.

Helping Florida fathers with child custody arrangements

When it comes to divorce, the future of any children who were born during the marriage is usually the most important factor to consider. Everyone involved in the divorce wants what is best for the child, but most people believe that this includes them being actively involved in the child's life. Unfortunately, it is sometimes impossible for children to regularly see both of their parents after a divorce, which is why some parents struggle to reach an agreement for child custody and visitation.

Florida's child custody laws summarized

Child custody is a very complex area of the law, with many variables at play in any given case. In addition to all of these variables, there is some degree of interpretation available to the judge and the courts when making custody decisions. All of these factors are at least somewhat dependent on the laws of the particular state in which the custody dispute is occurring, and each state has different laws for child custody matters.

Expertise in all areas of Florida child custody

For many people, when they think of child custody issues, they only think of a custody order that is determined during a divorce and by which both parents must adhere post-marriage. The truth is that there are far more situations in which child custody could become a significant issue, and they each come with their own particular complexities. From individuals claiming paternity of a child over which they have no custody to grandparents seeking visitation or custody rights, there are many circumstances that may require family law.

Do child custody laws treat both parents fairly?

Do both parents get a fair chance in child custody proceedings? It's a question often asked by parents, particularly fathers, going through a divorce. Wondering if you will be able to see your children on a regular basis let alone get custody of them can cause significant anxiety.

Child custody expectations in Florida

You are probably aware that there are differences between federal laws and state laws, and when it comes to most family law matters, state laws tend to have a much bigger impact than federal laws. In most issues, including child custody, the state laws have a great deal more to do with how the courts will address certain matters. As a result, if you are going through a divorce in Florida, or if you feel that you might soon go through a divorce in Florida, it behooves you to learn what you can about family law in Florida.

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