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The importance of a relationship with both parents

New research supports the importance of children having a relationship with both parents for the overall happiness and success of the children following divorce. Additionally, shared custody and shared parenting, which are favored in Florida whenever possible, are also important to achieving this goal. The professor conducting the research noted that shared custody arrangements are preferred whenever possible.

What are visitation rights?

Visitation rights are a concern most divorcing parents share and want to understand. Parents may have a variety of questions concerning how child custody and visitation will be determined. If the family law court has awarded reasonable visitation to the parents, it is hoped that the parents will work out a child custody and visitation plan that is in the best interests of the child and works best for their family.

Post-divorce modifications help families

Life rarely stays the same following a divorce which is why the family law process and post-divorce modifications are so important. Following a divorce, couples of families may find the need to modify a child support order or a child custody and visitation order. Alternately, one former spouse may oppose changing a child support or child custody order so it is important to understand the resources the family law process provides to help the different concerns families may face.

Parenting plans for long distance visitation

The courts of Florida parents to adhere to a detailed written parenting plan, which may also be referred to as a visitation plan, whenever the parents are living in separate homes and are going to each want to spend time with their children, which is virtually all custody and visitation cases.

Common concerns surround child custody and visitation

Visitation is a significant concern for many parents including divorcing parents. Child custody and visitation issues can be especially challenging for parents. In general, parents are entitled to reasonable visitation of their children. Parents are encouraged to work out a visitation plan that is best for their children and their family. Parents working together to develop a visitation plan is preferred the court imposing a visitation schedule on the couple.

The importance of a carefully thought out visitation plan

Developing a visitation plan that is in the best interests of the child and works best for the needs of the family is important. It can take time to negotiate and agree upon a visitation agreement but it is worth it for the peace of mind and to fulfill the best interests of the child. A child visitation plan and schedule can avoid visitation disputes and visitation-related confusion and stress.

Consider best interests of the child in pursuit of visitation

The relationship between parent and child is a special one. This is why it is often crucial for loving and responsible parents to seek visitation rights of their child, if they do not have those rights already. These days, families are different than families of the past and it isn't unusual for parents to be unwed or not together while sharing a child.

Steps unwed FL fathers can take to be granted visitation, custody

The traditional family picture looks different today than it did in years past. Lots of families have mothers or father or who raise them from separate homes and separate lives. Just because a child's mother or father are not together does not mean that they can't be great parents. Being a great parent is about supporting your child and being there for them.

Virtual visitation laws changing visitation, child custody

With the advances in technology come changes in the way we interact across all platforms and industries. The realm of child custody is not unaffected by these changes, as seen by the change is legislation surrounding virtual visitation. Traditional visitation included time spent with the child. Virtual visitation, on the other hand, regulates and mandates 'virtual' interaction between parent and child for instance via webcam or cell phone.

When it comes to providing for your child, sometimes less is more

It's only natural to want your child's love and affection. And if you are in the process of divorcing, you may wonder how it will affect your relationship with your child. It is very easy to worry that your child may hold resentments against you. Fair or not, sometimes a child will hold one parent particularly responsible for the split.

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