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Divorcing? You can protect the stuff in your home when you're not

Divorce is a difficult time for anybody wading through the emotional and physical detachment of a dying relationship. What may have started out as an amicable agreement to part ways can devolve into a lengthy process of name calling, finger pointing and a tug of war over property.

Five divorce myths debunked

When contemplating a divorce, it's natural to feel confused and anxious. You are likely to turn to friends and family members for advice and information. But, unless your associates are skilled and experienced divorce lawyers, chances are good that you'll get some bad information, much like the following five prevalent myths surrounding divorce in Florida.

Divorcing a 'complicated' spouse

Divorce is rarely an easy decision. It can be stressful, painful and exhausting even under the best of circumstances. It makes you worry about your future and your children. How will you make ends meet? What will custody look like? How much will this whole ordeal cost you?

Mediation has its benefits in a divorce

Divorce can be a very strenuous and stressful time - for both parties involved. Having mediation during divorce proceedings can bring down the levels of stress greatly for a number of factors. It is a good resource to have in place, even if you do wind up having to go to trial to end the marriage.

Florida alimony bill vetoed by governor

Gov. Scott recently vetoed an alimony reform bill that in Florida for reasons that many people found to be significant and important for divorced and divorcing couples. The bill's intent was to make changes to the alimony laws that many people find outdated, which may not fully take into account societal changes, wage-earner status, and other factors.

Why experience is crucial in a 'gray' divorce

Marriage doesn't end because you've decided one day you're finished with a relationship. Because it's the sum of many complicated matters, this often leaves couples feeling angry, and the result is finger pointing and placing blame. While it isn't uncommon to have these feelings, it isn't productive when trying to come to a resolution.

It's my pension. Do I have to give 50 percent away?

Pensions and other retirement accounts are valuable. They provide crucial income when the time comes to stop working. They are also a reflection of your career. You spent years making small contributions of money you could have spent elsewhere. The funds are your nest egg for the future, and you want to keep them intact. Do you have to give half away when you file for divorce?

Divorce: Why 'irretrievably broken' is a good phrase

You do not choose to end your marriage because everything in your relationship is perfect. You choose to get a divorce because something between you and your spouse is not working. Something has caused one or both of you to make the decision to separate, to no longer share life together as husband and wife.

Do child custody laws treat both parents fairly?

Do both parents get a fair chance in child custody proceedings? It's a question often asked by parents, particularly fathers, going through a divorce. Wondering if you will be able to see your children on a regular basis let alone get custody of them can cause significant anxiety.

Florida laws regarding child custody

When parents decide to get divorced, the largest issue for both parties is usually how much time each parent gets to spend with the child after the marriage is over. Florida used to employ a method involving a visitation schedule, which designated how much time the noncustodial parent was allowed to spend with the child. Of course the child was able to spendĀ all other times in the care of the primary residential parent. This is no longer the case.

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