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Florida firm aggressively advocating for grandparents' rights

For many Floridians, being a grandparent is their greatest joy in life. A lot of grandparents enjoy getting to spend time with their grandchildren without the responsibility of caring for them full-time. Oftentimes, this allows a strong bond to develop between grandparents and their grandchildren that can be difficult to break. Yet, it can be broken. One way that their relationship can be damaged is if the child's parents divorce. Far too often, marriage dissolution or parental separation can leave a grandparent without access to his or her grandchild, thereby causing emotional pain to both the grandparent and grandchild.

Grandparents' rights is an emotional issue for some Floridians

Grandparents' rights can be a challenging issue for everyone involved. It can be challenging in Florida for grandparents to obtain visitation and custody rights concerning their grandchildren with a few fairly limited exceptions. One family is currently experiencing these challenges. Following the announcement that their daughter was pregnant, two grandparents relocated to Florida to be closer to their child and grandchild. A family feud last year, however, has prevented the closeness the grandparents envisioned.

The basics of grandparents' rights

Grandparents' rights can be a challenging issue for both parents and grandparents in Orlando. Each state has different rules concerning grandparents' rights, so it is important to be familiar with the rules in the state where the grandparent is seeking child custody or visitation rights. In general, the legal system is fluid and changes to the law are always a possibility. This is also true of the area of grandparents' rights.

The important issue of grandparents' rights in Florida

Grandparents can be an important part of any childhood. A healthy relationship with grandparents can be important for children which is why grandparent visitation can be an important concern for many families. Child custody decisions are always determined based on what is in the best interests of the child.

Grandparents' rights when seeking custody of grandchildren

Sometimes, parents and children do not always see eye to eye. This can be partly due to generational differences and it can also be based on personality differences and other factors. The one thing grandparents and parents can often agree on is their love for the children. However, sometimes disagreements about how to raise and care for a grandchild can cause a rift between parent and child.

Guardianship of grandchild possible for loving grandparent

Many people say, it takes a village to raise a child. What this phrase is getting at is how a child is not simply raised by one or two people, but by the support and love on an entire community. Grandparents can play a huge role in a child's up bringing and well-being. Sometimes a grandparent is barred access to their grandchild, even if they are beneficial in that child's life.

As a grandparent, you can make your house rules fun

Of course, you always loved your children, but with all the frustrations, you may have wondered what reward you would eventually get for all of your hard work. Then your children had children of their own and you discovered the joys of being a grandparent. And now, one of the greatest pleasures of your life is spending time with your grandchildren.

Grandparents taking on more important roles in today's families

Looking back through recent history, we can see some major shifts in how people live their daily lives. The stay-at-home mom and go-to-work dad dynamic is not nearly so prevalent today as it was 40 or 50 years ago. These days both parents typically work, and the definition of what constitutes the average family has definitely changed. In fact, it is not unusual for households to be headed by single parents.

Grandparents using internet for virtual visits with grandchildren

Every child should be able to spend time with his or her grandparents and grandparents typically love to be involved with their grandchildren. Unfortunately, not all grandparents have easy physical access to their grandchildren. When the child and his or her grandparents are separated by a great distance, it can be very difficult to establish and maintain a close relationship.

Grandmothers bring joy and love to the lives of children

It has been said that grandmothers never run out of hugs or cookies. This simple phrase very neatly encapsulates why grandmothers provide so much happiness to their grandchildren. Their warmth and care is something that every child needs and deserves. And a grandchild can brighten a grandmother's day like no one else. This is why it is so unfortunate when a grandmother is in some way obstructed from spending time with her grandchild.

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