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Child support dispute leads to assault charges

Many Florida parents who have some kind of parenting-time or visitation schedule in place to see their children know that there can be times when disputes arise regarding the custody arrangement and child support. However, what parents may not realize is that when emotions are running high even the most rational parent can make irrational choices.

Rapper-actor Ludacris ordered to pay $7K monthly child support

Fans of the movie Fast & Furious in Florida may find it interesting to learn that, according to recent media reports, actor-rapper and one of the stars in the latest Fast & Furious movie, Ludacris, was ordered by a family court to pay his ex-girlfriend and mother of his now four-month-old daughter $7,000 per month in child support.

Skier Bode Miller caught in child custody and support dispute

Regardless of one's social and celebrity status, family law issues such as child custody and support issues can affect parents in all walks of life. Winter Olympics fans in Florida familiar with skier and Bronze medal winner Bode Miller may find it interesting to learn that he is entangled in a child custody and support dispute with his 13-month-old son's mother.

Actor Jon Cryer embroiled in a child support dispute

For most parents with children who are no longer together, issues surrounding parenting time, child custody and support are likely topics that routinely come up. In the best interest of their child, many parents may try to work with each other to resolve their disagreements. Nevertheless, they may feel as if they are the only ones who have to deal with such issues. However, the reality is that child custody and support issues are not limited to any one group of parents, and can impact anyone regardless of age or economic status.

Rapper to faces jail time for failing to pay child support

Disputes surrounding child custody and support can arise between parents anytime for a variety of reasons, and can affect people from all walks for life. Florida residents familiar with rapper Chief Keef will find it interesting to learn that according to reports, recently the 18-year-old rapper was held in contempt of court for failure to make child support payments.

Miami Heat forward, Chris Bosh seeks primary custody of daughter

Recently, many basketball fans participated in the Miami Heat championship celebration, and some may have seen Miami Heat star, Chris Bosh hold up the NBA championship trophy atop a double decker bus. Despite all the jubilation, what most fans may not know is that Chris Bosh is embroiled in a child custody battle with his ex-girlfriend.

Returning military personnel face child custody challenges

Military servicemen and women returning home from Iraq or Afghanistan after single or repeat deployments are routinely facing some challenging issues. Child custody and support issues, unfortunately, are among them. Typically, these personnel leave behind families with small children or expectant wives to serve our country abroad. Upon their return some have found that their spouse has left the state and refuses to let them see the child.

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