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Parenting plans and the 'best interests of the child'

Whether a parenting plan is negotiated between the parents or whether it is established by the court, the standard used in Florida is the "best interests of the child." There are a number of factors that will go into determining what the child's best interests are.

Skilled in property division

When a couple marries, under Florida law, the property they purchase together -- the family home, automobiles, furniture, electronics and more -- becomes known as marital property, joint assets owned by both parties. Therefore, should a couple end their marriage, their marital property (and debts) must be divided in a way that is considered equitable, or fair, under Florida law.

Does divorce mean splitting your pension or retirement account?

Getting a divorce is often nerve-wracking for everyone involved. Both spouses are often uncertain about the social and financial impact of splitting up, especially if they are getting close to retirement age. Chances are good that you planned for retirement assuming that the funds would support you and your spouse in a single home, perhaps with additional income from your spouse.

Wrongfully relocating with a child has consequences

A previous post on this blog discussed the ways in which a child's custodial parent in Florida can relocate with the child. Relocation can either be done with the consent of the noncustodial parent, or can be done through an order of the court, if appropriate.

Who gets the family house in a divorce?

There is a lot to think about if you're moving forward with the divorce process. Even if you understand that this will bring many benefits to your life, such as the ability to chase your personal dreams, you understand that there are many questions to answer.

How can paternity be established?

Fathers in Florida play an important role in their child's life. When a child knows who his or her father is, that child benefits greatly. The child will have a greater understanding of his or her medical history, will possibly have access to health insurance through his or her father and most importantly, when a child's father plays an active role in the child's life, it provides the child with love, stability and emotional and financial support.

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