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Florida firm aggressively advocating for grandparents' rights

For many Floridians, being a grandparent is their greatest joy in life. A lot of grandparents enjoy getting to spend time with their grandchildren without the responsibility of caring for them full-time. Oftentimes, this allows a strong bond to develop between grandparents and their grandchildren that can be difficult to break. Yet, it can be broken. One way that their relationship can be damaged is if the child's parents divorce. Far too often, marriage dissolution or parental separation can leave a grandparent without access to his or her grandchild, thereby causing emotional pain to both the grandparent and grandchild.

The importance of a relationship with both parents

New research supports the importance of children having a relationship with both parents for the overall happiness and success of the children following divorce. Additionally, shared custody and shared parenting, which are favored in Florida whenever possible, are also important to achieving this goal. The professor conducting the research noted that shared custody arrangements are preferred whenever possible.

What is the putative father registry?

Although the courts seems to favor mothers over fathers when it comes to family law matters, fathers have specified rights they are entitled. In order to obtain these rights, though, action must be taken. For many men, the first and perhaps most important step is establishing paternity. Doing so gives rise to the right to seek visitation and child custody as well as child support. But what happens when a father thinks he might be the father of a child but isn't sure and has yet to establish paternity?

Paternity is just one part of parental rights in Florida

A recent post here discussed the importance for children, parents and families to determine paternity in Florida. But, a paternity action involves not simply determining paternity alone. In addition to establishing the biological father of the child, determining paternity also involves child custody and child support determinations. Determining paternity establishes the biological father of a child when the parents are unmarried, but also has an impact on determining custody rights and child support, which is important for parents and children.

Child custody and relocation in Florida

Moving is a part of life. With mobility enjoyed by many in today's world, new opportunities emerge, both for individuals' personal and professional lives. Generally speaking, moving is only challenging on a financial and emotional front. Especially when an individual has lived in one place for a significant period of time. Yet, when relocation involves a child of divorced parents, then the matter can evolve into a legal battle.

The benefits of legally determining paternity in Florida

Paternity is important because it establishes the legal father of a child and, as such, provides legal rights to the child, father and mother. In addition to the emotional benefits that legally establishing paternity provides to a child, legally establishing paternity also provides important rights for the child. In addition to the child knowing the identity of the father, there are also several tangible benefits of a legal determination of paternity.

Preparing Floridians to confront child custody disputes

As we discussed previously on this blog, child custody and visitation determinations are made based on what supports the best interests of the child in question. This best interests standard can be comprised of many components, which leaves it ripe for legal argument. For example, considerations regarding which parent is better suited to support a child's educational and developmental needs, as well as which parent can sustain a nurturing relationship with the child, are relatively subjective. This means that those Floridians who find themselves amidst a child custody dispute need to ensure that they are crafting compelling legal arguments that support their side of the argument.

What are visitation rights?

Visitation rights are a concern most divorcing parents share and want to understand. Parents may have a variety of questions concerning how child custody and visitation will be determined. If the family law court has awarded reasonable visitation to the parents, it is hoped that the parents will work out a child custody and visitation plan that is in the best interests of the child and works best for their family.

Grandparents' rights is an emotional issue for some Floridians

Grandparents' rights can be a challenging issue for everyone involved. It can be challenging in Florida for grandparents to obtain visitation and custody rights concerning their grandchildren with a few fairly limited exceptions. One family is currently experiencing these challenges. Following the announcement that their daughter was pregnant, two grandparents relocated to Florida to be closer to their child and grandchild. A family feud last year, however, has prevented the closeness the grandparents envisioned.

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