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Which everyday expenses may affect a child support settlement?

If you and your child's other parent have made the decision to co-parent from separate homes, you likely have many questions. Even if parents were never married, often one parent must pay child support to the other. This decision can be handed down by Florida family court, and it is binding until further notice, or the child turns 18 years of age. Child support amounts are based on a variety of factors, including the cost of everyday expenses in rearing that child.

Virtual visitation laws changing visitation, child custody

With the advances in technology come changes in the way we interact across all platforms and industries. The realm of child custody is not unaffected by these changes, as seen by the change is legislation surrounding virtual visitation. Traditional visitation included time spent with the child. Virtual visitation, on the other hand, regulates and mandates 'virtual' interaction between parent and child for instance via webcam or cell phone.

Guardianship of grandchild possible for loving grandparent

Many people say, it takes a village to raise a child. What this phrase is getting at is how a child is not simply raised by one or two people, but by the support and love on an entire community. Grandparents can play a huge role in a child's up bringing and well-being. Sometimes a grandparent is barred access to their grandchild, even if they are beneficial in that child's life.

Rockstar and famous actress in child support and custody tussle

Once approved by a family court judge, a parenting plan is a legally binding agreement. This means that both parents have a legal responsibility to adhere to its terms. And if for some reason one of the parents wants to have the agreement modified, then he or she will have to again get approval from a judge. But doing so is not always a simple matter, especially if the other parent is against making any changes to the plan's terms.

What rights do un-wed fathers have before a child is born?

There are many types of families today. While some live in traditional family structures, children are raised in two households when their parents decide that living together isn't suitable. When an Orlando male resident gets news that he is going to have a child, there can be a lot of emotions. Many expecting fathers want to know what fathers' rights they have before their child is born.

5 considerations for fathers in child custody cases

Fighting for your children is something that most fathers will do without batting an eye. This is often the case when a father is going through a child custody battle. Before you embark on the fight, you must understand some basic points about child custody so you can put that knowledge to use as you endeavor to secure the fairest share in raising your children.

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