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'Tis the season for getting along for the children's sake

Let's face it, while the intent of the holidays is for people to get together and joyously celebrate, this time of year can be extremely stressful. And sadly, it is also a time where family conflicts can bubble to the surface, causing conflicts and hard feelings. And this can be especially true in families of divorce.

Tardiness is a violation of your visitation agreement

You check your watch and feel worried. Time passes, and you grow more and more apprehensive and agitated. Finally, well after the agreed upon time, your ex arrives with your children in tow. And this is not the exception; this is the rule. Every week your ex picks up the children in accordance with visitation terms of your custody and every week, the children are returned late.

Getting an out-of-state parent to pay child support

When the court orders a parent to pay child support, that order is absolute and binding. But unfortunately, sometimes a parent will forgo his or her obligations and opt to stop making the payments. When such is the case, the support-receiving parent is forced to either take steps to get the payments resumed or do without the money that is likely critical for household and other expenses.

Backyard fun is great for father-son bonding

Fathering does not come naturally to all men. And sometimes a father may be unsure of the best way to spend time with his son. Well, the good news is that simply being together is what really matters and not what you choose to do. But if you are searching for some fun bonding activities, you need look no further than your own backyard. Here are three examples:

  • Do some grilling. Preparing food on the grill has several advantages. First, you get to teach your son a useful skill. You can fill him in on everything from how to season the meat, to how to cook it so it turns out just the way you like. And then, you get to eat!
  • Grow a garden. Whether you want to grow vegetables, fruit or some plants, working on a garden together can teach your son how with patience and hard work, you can reap handsome rewards. It is also a nice way to prepare your son to take care of a yard of his own.
  • Pick up a ball and play some catch. Throwing a ball around may be the king of all father-son activities. But again, it is a teaching opportunity. Playing catch can help your son develop his hand-eye coordination. Moreover, while throwing and catching you and your son will likely have some great conversations.
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