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Grandmothers bring joy and love to the lives of children

It has been said that grandmothers never run out of hugs or cookies. This simple phrase very neatly encapsulates why grandmothers provide so much happiness to their grandchildren. Their warmth and care is something that every child needs and deserves. And a grandchild can brighten a grandmother's day like no one else. This is why it is so unfortunate when a grandmother is in some way obstructed from spending time with her grandchild.

5 Ways to prepare for a high net worth divorce

Are you faced with the divorce process? Are you interested in putting this behind you as quickly as possible? Like most people, you don't want your divorce to drag on. However, you also know one thing to be true: There is a lot that goes into property division, meaning that it can take some time.

Communication with your ex can help enforce parenting decisions

If you are a parent who is preparing to divorce, the dynamics of your relationship with your child will change. Even if you did not get along with your partner, you likely openly shared your opinions on the important aspects of your child's life. But after the divorce, much of the time spent with your child will be while under your exclusive care. This means that you will be making many parenting decisions by yourself.

Do you need to have your child support obligations modified?

If you're a child support paying parent, you are likely happy to help cover your child's expenses. And when the court determined your support obligations, it did so by looking at your capacity to make regular payments. Your income, as well as your mandatory expenses, were factored into the formula used to come up with the monthly figure. And so long as your financial situation remains stable, you should be able to stay on top of your payments.

Simple measures can help fathers and children bond

Children benefit immensely by having a strong bond with their fathers. Fathers can provide children with a sense of security and help elevate their self-esteem. But building a solid relationship is not always easy, especially if a father and child have a limited amount of time to spend together. And if you're a father who is sharing custody of a child, you want to make sure that you are able to build your bond regardless of your time constraints.

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