Mediation has its benefits in a divorce

Divorce can be a very strenuous and stressful time - for both parties involved. Having mediation during divorce proceedings can bring down the levels of stress greatly for a number of factors. It is a good resource to have in place, even if you do wind up having to go to trial to end the marriage.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a process in which a third party is brought in to help spouses work through issues that need resolution for the divorce. The idea is to come to an amicable solution, save time, save money, reduce stress and help prevent tempers from flaring. The types of issues usually resolved during mediation are child custody, alimony, division of assets and liabilities, taxes and any other unresolved topics.

Why is mediation important during divorce?

Especially in the case where the married couple has children, a mediator can be instrumental in helping separated couples to open up lines of communication that will be necessary in the future when they have to co-parent. Because a mediator does not work directly for either party and has to remain neutral at all times, they are not taking sides. Their goal is simply to help amicably resolve outstanding matters.

Mediation can greatly shorten the time and costs associated with ending a marriage in a harmonious fashion. Going through a fully litigated divorce proceeding can cost about $15,000 and on average may take a year and a half to fully settle. Mediated cases on average cost about $3,000 and with a mediator in place, the process can take as little as 90 days to come to an agreement on both sides.

Mediation is also private, and it allows both parties to state their cases without judgment, veer away from name-calling and hostility and bringing personal issues to the table. Mediation is held behind closed doors instead of an open forum and there is one simple goal. The focus, solely, is on having both parties walk away feeling as satisfied as possible and finding a common ground for each subject at hand.

If you find that you are in the midst of what is becoming a hostile divorce, consider bringing a mediator in to help. You should still have an attorney represent you individually. They can protect your interests and help guide you throughout the process. Stepping into mediation with them can help remove a lot of the tension. Divorce is already a difficult and emotional process. Finding ways to make it more simplified and cost-effective can only be a positive step.

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