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A form can help establish visitation

Everyone knows that parents fighting and arguing can leave a lasting negative impression on a young child, which is why many courts encourage mediation and peaceful negotiations between divorcing couples. Unfortunately, such mediations do not always achieve the desired effect, and courts are then required to step in and establish guidelines for the divorce. These guidelines can include the custody and visitation schedules between the parents. However, if you and your spouse are willing to discuss such matters in mediation, a form might help you streamline the process.

Grandparents must fight for visitation in Florida

Grandparents who have healthy, loving relationships with their grandchildren know-how important family is. Children benefit greatly from healthy relationships with their grandparents, and many grandparents find happiness and joy in helping their grandchildren grow and develop. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of seeing or interacting with their grandchildren on a regular basis, and because of Florida's family laws, it may be difficult or impossible for some to see their grandchildren at all.

I was never married to my child's mother. Can I get custody?

Child custody is always a heated issue in any relationship, but most often people discuss child custody in the context of a married couple filing for divorce. There are other circumstances under which child custody may become an issue, however, and perhaps one of the most difficult is when marriage was never part of the equation.

Legal assistance with child support in Florida

The phrase "child support" is often used as a catch-all designed to indicate the amount of money that one parent must pay another in order to safeguard the future of a child after the parents divorce. What many people don't realize is that, while child support does refer to payments, it is not necessarily the only factor. Courts do not simply decide on an arbitrary number and require one parent to pay that number to the other. Many factors play a role in child support.

It's my pension. Do I have to give 50 percent away?

Pensions and other retirement accounts are valuable. They provide crucial income when the time comes to stop working. They are also a reflection of your career. You spent years making small contributions of money you could have spent elsewhere. The funds are your nest egg for the future, and you want to keep them intact. Do you have to give half away when you file for divorce?

Florida's child custody laws summarized

Child custody is a very complex area of the law, with many variables at play in any given case. In addition to all of these variables, there is some degree of interpretation available to the judge and the courts when making custody decisions. All of these factors are at least somewhat dependent on the laws of the particular state in which the custody dispute is occurring, and each state has different laws for child custody matters.

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