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What is a fixed visitation schedule?

When it comes to deciding how visitation works for parents who are divorcing, the courts have a great deal of discretion. Even though they will always do what is in the best interests of the child, exactly what is in the bests interests of the child could vary depending on the judge. In many instances, when it comes to visitation, the relationship between the two parents plays a large part in what the courts decide.

Expertise in all areas of Florida child custody

For many people, when they think of child custody issues, they only think of a custody order that is determined during a divorce and by which both parents must adhere post-marriage. The truth is that there are far more situations in which child custody could become a significant issue, and they each come with their own particular complexities. From individuals claiming paternity of a child over which they have no custody to grandparents seeking visitation or custody rights, there are many circumstances that may require family law.

Divorce: Why 'irretrievably broken' is a good phrase

You do not choose to end your marriage because everything in your relationship is perfect. You choose to get a divorce because something between you and your spouse is not working. Something has caused one or both of you to make the decision to separate, to no longer share life together as husband and wife.

How grandparents can gain visitation or custody

A healthy relationship with grandparents can be extremely beneficial to a growing young boy or girl. This is especially true in situations where parents have divorced, and any additional stability will positively influence the child. However, because laws rarely place grandparents on the same level as parents when it comes to a child's well-being, it is may be difficult for grandparents to maintain a relationship with their grandchildren in such circumstances.

What is my child support paying for?

To many people who are making regular child support payments, it feels as though they are giving up far too much of their paycheck to supporting a child that they rarely get to see. Without a constant relationship with a child, it may be difficult to tell just what kind of effect, if any, child support payments are having. You may even question what your money is being spent on, and why you are spending so much.

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