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Helping Florida fathers' establish their rights

When it comes to matters of family law, many men suspect that they need all the help they can get to receive fair treatment. Whether or not this suspicion is truly accurate, it certainly does not exist without good reason. Statistics indicate that throughout history, mothers have been awarded sole custody of children more often than fathers; those are facts. Additionally, men are often required to pay spousal support more often and in higher amounts than women.

Do child custody laws treat both parents fairly?

Do both parents get a fair chance in child custody proceedings? It's a question often asked by parents, particularly fathers, going through a divorce. Wondering if you will be able to see your children on a regular basis let alone get custody of them can cause significant anxiety.

Child custody expectations in Florida

You are probably aware that there are differences between federal laws and state laws, and when it comes to most family law matters, state laws tend to have a much bigger impact than federal laws. In most issues, including child custody, the state laws have a great deal more to do with how the courts will address certain matters. As a result, if you are going through a divorce in Florida, or if you feel that you might soon go through a divorce in Florida, it behooves you to learn what you can about family law in Florida.

Mediation can help with grandparent visitation

No matter what the circumstances of a family's life after a divorce, visitation is likely going to be an issue. In some instances, all parties involved are satisfied with a child custody arrangement, but considering the desires of both parents and the child's grandparents, of which there may be up to four or possibly even more, it is easy to see why visitation and custody matters can be so difficult.

Helping Florida residents understand child support laws

For the most part, Florida law has very clear guidelines and regulations dictating how children are managed between the two parents after a divorce, including who gets custody and for how long, as well as how much child support is paid and to whom. Florida law puts a significant amount of emphasis on the amount of time each parent spends with a child; therefore child support payments may be quite low for parents who see their children often.

As a father, am I less likely to get custody of my child?

It is a well-known fact that in the past, mothers have perennially been awarded sole custody of children much more often than fathers in divorce cases. This has led to a somewhat misguided perception that the courts favor mothers more, and that there is a gender bias toward women in the courtroom. Even if this were true once, it is certainly not the case any longer.

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