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Florida man facing penalties for owing $90,000 in child support

Recently in Florida, a man pleaded guilty in a child support case in which he had failed to pay nearly $100,000 over the course of the eight years since his divorce. According to reports, the child support order for the divorce, which occurred in Maine, required a weekly payment of $216. In the four years following the divorce, the man-made a total of 57 payments (according to the support order, he should have made more than 200), and even those payments were reduced.

As a father in Florida, what are my chances of getting custody?

It is not abnormal for fathers across the country to assume that they will be mistreated in a custody hearing. Years of courts granting primary custody to mothers has led some to believe that courts show an unfair bias against fathers in custody cases. However, modern studies have demonstrated the importance of a father in the development of the child, and we have seen a slow shift toward more fair and equal parenting time in divorce cases when custody is an issue.

Grandparents can exercise their right to be with grandchildren

For many people, the chief concerns of family law involve who gets what in a divorce, including asset division, child support and child custody. However, there are many other legal matters covered by family law, and one of the most underrated of these is grandparents' rights. Just like other members of a family, grandparents care a great deal about seeing their loved ones, and the involvement of grandparents is important to building a strong family relationship.

Florida couple loses custody after leaving child unattended

Courts consider many different factors when determining the custody of a child, and it may surprise you to learn just what types of behavior can affect your chances at remaining involved in your child's life. If it can be proven that you were neglectful of your child or even that you did not actively participate in their lives as much as you could have, then you may not get as much parenting time as you deserve. You may not get any parenting time at all.

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