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Visitation and custody for couples in different states

Child custody and visitation issues are complicated in nearly every divorce case, but they are even more complex if a couple separate to a great degree physically. For some couples, they divorce, but their lives remain in the same location: perhaps they work at a particular job in the nearby city or they wish to remain near friends or family. For other couples, one party or another wishes to add as much distance between their life and the divorce as possible.

Helping fathers gain the custody they deserve

Child custody and visitation are extremely important issues, but they are arguably a bigger concern for fathers, who have perennially been awarded sole custody of a child less often than mothers. This long history of courts seemingly favoring mothers over fathers has led to some men feeling as though they are treated unfairly in child custody hearings and given unfair custody agreements as a result. This is not necessarily true, but legal representation is still important in receiving a fair custody arrangement.

Failure to pay child support in Florida can be punished

Child support is a hotly contested issue of family law, with both parties rarely feeling that the order is fair. The parent who receives the child support generally feels that they are not being given enough to provide the child with the life they deserve, and the parent who pays the child support often fears that they are giving too much money that is not being devoted to the child, or that they pay too much and see their child too little.

Chris Brown fighting for joint custody instead of visitation

Anyone who has gone through a child custody dispute with the other parent of their child knows how difficult and emotional the process can be. Despite this causing the child to suffer, parents may continue to battle until one is awarded custody, and the other parent is left with only visitation. Both parents wanting full custody or not being able to agree on an arrangement that will benefit the child can create a lotĀ of stress for all parties involved. At the end of the day, the goal is to allow the child to maintain a quality relationship with both parents, but this isn't always taken into consideration when two parents are in the midst of a dispute.

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