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Mother violates custody order by taking daughter to Florida

Perhaps the most important part of any child custody agreement is simply sticking to the agreement and avoiding taking the law into your own hands. It may not seem like a serious issue to keep a child longer than scheduled to spend some extra time with your son or daughter, but the law takes these matters very seriously, and there are consequences for failing to obey the agreement.

Legal aid for grandparents seeking visitation rights

Grandparents play an important role in the upbringing of a child, and parents are encouraged to let their children enjoy a strong relationship with their grandparents. Unfortunately this does not always happen, and some grandparents have a very difficult time meeting with their grandchildren. In instances like these, grandparents are encouraged to remember that they have rights, and they can take legal action to be granted visitation with their grandchildren.

Man jailed for owing child support in Miami

Child support can be a difficult family law issue to tackle, especially as more and more time passes. When courts set a monthly amount of child support to be paid by an individual, they base the amount on various factors and guidelines in an effort to ensure that the child support payment is fair and reasonable for both parties. Unfortunately, as time goes by, changing circumstances may affect just how fair the child support payment is.

Florida's views on child custody

There are many fathers that become extremely concerned when issues of child custody arise in a divorce. This is understandable because of the courts' history of granting sole custodyy to mothers much more often than fathers, but while this concern may be understandable, it is not currently as valid as it once was. Study after study has demonstrated the benefits of having both parents actively involved in a child's upbringing, which has contributed to an increase of joint custody agreements all across the country.

Legal assistance for divorcing parents

Our society as a whole has become more understanding of the idea of shared custody and the importance of parents taking active roles in the lives of their children. Perhaps because of this, Florida has recently revised its laws regarding custody and visitation, with phrases such as parenting plans and time-sharing schedules becoming more common. This is all done in an effort to decrease the level of hostility between divorced parents and lead to a healthier family life for a child, even in the event of a divorce.

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