Free phone app may help parents with child support disputes

In today's world technology is at one's fingertips. Most people use their iPhones, iPads, and Android phones to routinely conduct various transactions such as checking their bank accounts, looking up and paying their bills, and more online. Furthermore, the availability of various free applications for phones helps not only the developer of application test its utility, gauge interest in the function of the application, but also allows people to try it out at no cost. Once such service, SupportPay may offer divorced and separated parents a way to understand the expenses of raising a child, and possibly to resolve their child support disputes.

In some case, despite being civil and amicable with each other most of the time, a time may come when divorced or separated parents disagree with each on parenting time, and may have a child support dispute. In an effort the make the process more transparent and have the non-custodial parent understand the expenses related to bringing up a child, Florida residents will find it interesting to learn that SupportPay, an online service, allows parent to keep track of expenses related to raising their child or children.

According to the CEO of SupportPay, a parent has the ability to upload bills related to raising a child such that it would show up on the SupportPay interface for the other parent to see. Furthermore, a custodial parent can take a picture of the bill from a phone or other mobile device and also have it show up on the interface. This allows the non-custodial parent to look at the bill then either pay it or if the parent disagrees with the expense, to dispute it. Furthermore, it may make the splitting of child related expenses easier. Currently, SupportPay is an online service where in the free version has only a few features, but parents can pay a monthly fee for the full version. Mobile applications are expected to be available later this year.

Technological advances such as SupportPay may have the ability to help disputing parents resolve some of their issues. Nevertheless, when child support disputes between parents arise, consulting with a family law attorney to evaluate legal options may be necessary to ensure that the best interest of the child are protected, and the parents get a fair and equitable deal.

Source: TechHive, "SupportPay is an app to take on deadbeat dads," Martyn Williams, Oct. 17, 2013

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