What Family Orders Can You Modify?

One of the dangers of a "quickie divorce" is that decisions made in haste are very difficult to change at a later date. A divorce decree is more difficult to change than it is to create in the first place. When you understand that modifications are difficult to achieve, it places additional importance on having an experienced attorney handle your divorce from the earliest stage through completion.

The burden of proof is high for modifications, and the court favors the status quo or stable situations when it considers divorces which include children. In order to obtain a post-divorce modification, the changes in your situation must be substantial and they must be in the best interest of the children.

At the Law Office of Amy L. Beauchaine, we have 20 years of experience and have been able to obtain many post-divorce modifications, as well as defend against making changes. We represent either the ex-husband or ex-wife with any of the following modification issues:

  • Change of parenting plans or child custody: Visitation modifications due to loss of employment, job change, health reasons, change of work schedule and other substantial changes, such as a move away
  • Change of child support amount: Due to a change of parenting plans or employment/income changes
  • Change in alimony or spousal support: Due to employment changes or remarriage

Make Sure You Seek Knowledgeable Advice For Any Modification

If you want to make a request for modification or challenge one, it is imperative you speak with an attorney. To get you and your family moving on a path toward a brighter future, please contact the Altamonte Springs Law Office of Amy L. Beauchaine at 407-636-2985 or send our post-divorce modification lawyer and Orlando child support modification attorney an email.