Resolving Disputes Related to Out-of-State Parental Rights

For many years Florida has been a transient state, hosting an influx of retirees and out-of-state visitors who become permanent residents. Today, the traffic flow is going in the opposite direction and, for the first time in recent memory, more residents left Florida than entered. Unemployment, housing prices and other economic factors have caused some residents to leave, and many of them want to take their children out of state.

According to University of Florida demographers, Florida lost population between April 2008 and April 2009 — the first time since World War II.

As parents leave the state, they sometimes want to take their children with them. The Law Office of Amy L. Beauchaine represents Florida parents and out-of-state parents with child custody, shared parenting plans or visitation issues, and any other parental rights legal matter.

Do You Need to Modify a Child Custody Order or Challenge a Request?

Our law firm will represent either Orlando-area residents or out-of-state parents who need a Florida lawyer for child custody modifications. The types of scenarios with which we can provide cost-effective and quality legal representation include:

  • A Florida parent who wishes to prevent out-of-state or long-distance moves by a custodial parent
  • Any parent who needs a modification to the shared parenting plan due to job changes, health issues or other matters

Please call our law office at 407-636-2985 or send our attorney an email for more information.

We Make Resolving Disputes in Florida Easy for Residents of Other States

Our law office represents out-of-state parents who wish to enforce visitation/shared parenting plans within Florida.

If you do not live in Florida, but your children do, we can typically represent you in a Florida court without your presence. It is important to note that the child custody laws which are in effect are those of Florida, and not those of your home state. Every state has different child custody statutes. We can help you with your child custody or shared parenting plan in Florida.

Speak With Our Attorney and Keep Your Family's Future the Priority

To get you and your family moving on a path toward a brighter future, please contact the Altamonte Springs Law Office of Amy L. Beauchaine at 407-636-2985 or send our Florida parental rights attorney an email.