Trust Your High-Asset Divorce to Our Attorney

Throughout your marriage, you and your spouse took care in acquiring and building your wealth, assets and investments. You need an attorney who will devote the same level of care and attention to your high-value assets during your divorce.

At the Law Office of Amy L. Beauchaine in Orlando, Florida, we are dedicated to providing you with quality advocacy in every aspect of your divorce, including property division With more than 20 years of legal experience, we will protect your interests and advise you on your options. To speak with Orlando high-asset divorce attorney Amy L. Beauchaine about your divorce, call our office at 407-636-2985, or contact us online.

Dividing Your High-Value Assets

We are experienced and knowledgeable at handling cases involving a wide range of high-value and complex assets, including:

  • Business interests: When a spouse owns a business, is in a partnership or has a significant stake in a closely-held corporation, determining the value of that business interest can be complex. We work with business valuation experts to assess the value of a business and to fairly divide a spouse's interest in a divorce.
  • Complex income: Many businesses use alternative forms of income to compensate employees, such as deferred stock options. We are experienced at valuing stock options. In some cases, it may be beneficial to split the value at its current price. In other cases, it may be better to wait until the full value of the stock has vested. We can advise you on your options so you can make informed decisions about the division of property in your divorce.
  • Retirement assets: We assist clients with the division of retirement assets, including 401(k) plans, pensions, annuities and other investments. Some retirement assets require a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) in order to divide the asset at a later date. We can prepare QDROs in order to divide the retirement asset when you need it and at its full and fair value.

Experienced Advice From a Central Florida Business Valuation Attorney

Whether you are dividing complex interests in a business or determining the value of an investment property, you need an attorney who understands how much is at stake and can provide you with trusted guidance throughout your divorce. Lawyer Amy L. Beauchaine is a solo practitioner who is dedicated and knows how to handle complex divorce issues. She is experienced representing top executives, professionals and their spouses.

For example, she represented the wife of Disney executive Al Weiss in her divorce from her husband of 34 years. Ms. Beauchaine negotiated a favorable settlement for her client while also preventing sensitive details of the case from being released to the media.

To learn more about complex divorce issues and the valuation of high-value assets, contact our firm online. We will provide you with aggressive advocacy and skilled counsel inside and outside of the courtroom.