Strong Advocacy in Civil Hearings Involving Domestic Violence

When money is tight, a spouse is unemployed, or a divorce is on the horizon, additional tension can result in domestic violence. At the Law Office of Amy L. Beauchaine, we represent either a spouse who is defending against an accusation of domestic violence or a spouse who needs a temporary injunction against domestic violence.

Attorney Amy Beauchaine is a family law attorney who has been helping individuals since 1990. For a good portion of that time, she has represented individuals at hearings before Orange County judges in the domestic violence division of Florida family court. Even while attending law school in Massachusetts in the 1980s, Ms. Beauchaine worked in a battered women's clinic, assisting victims of domestic violence obtain restraining orders in Boston-area district courts.

Understanding the Civil Consequences of Domestic Violence

Even if a domestic violence charge does not rise to the level of a criminal charge, it is still a serious matter and one in which an experienced lawyer is necessary to protect not only your individual rights, but also your rights as a parent.

The potential consequences include:

  • Loss of child custody
  • Loss of access to the family home
  • Court record, which may affect employment
  • Restraining order

The domestic violence process is typically as follows:

  • A temporary injunction against domestic violence (restraining order)
  • A hearing (mini-trial) before a judge (one person's word against the other's)
  • Injunction dismissed or injunction extended
  • Potential temporary custody granted to one parent
  • Potential possession of the home granted to one spouse

Get Our Help So You Can Move Your Family into the Future

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