Collaborative Law Is Beneficial for Many Divorces

Collaborative law is an approach to helping divorcing couples achieve settlement without going to court. Our firm works in concert with a community of legal, financial and mental health professionals to create a client-centered process for resolving conflict. The group works as a team to give clients the resources they need to understand the choices available to them to formulate a constructive plan.

By working together to resolve the issues in your divorce, you can take control of the issues that matter most to you and avoid a costly, emotional courtroom battle. This is particularly beneficial in situations involving children. Through a collaborative approach, you can reduce the impact of divorce on your children and develop a parenting plan that meets the unique needs of your family into the future.

Attorney Amy L. Beauchaine has more than 20 years of experience handling family law issues inside and outside of the courtroom. She approaches every case with a collaborative mindset in order to help her clients reach an agreement that meets their needs, while reducing the stress and strain of a trial. As an Orlando collaborative divorce attorney, she is trained in the collaborative law approach and is a member of the Collaborative Family Law Group of Central Florida.

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How Does Collaborative Law Work?

The collaborative law approach begins with an agreement. Both parties and their lawyers sign a written agreement that states, in part:

  • They will not go to court for hearings or trials
  • They will work together to reach a mutual agreement with the help of financial, mental health and legal professionals
  • If they are unable to reach an agreement and need to go to court, they will need to hire new counsel

In a collaborative divorce, everyone is committed to reaching a divorce settlement together, outside of the courtroom. We can help you through this process and ensure that your rights are protected throughout your divorce.

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