Understanding Florida Child Custody and Support Laws

Child support guidelines are different in every state. If you moved to Florida from another state and then divorce here, the child support guidelines and child custody statutes may surprise you.

Child support guidelines are based in part on the number of overnights a child spends with each parent. In Florida, if your child spends 20 percent or more overnights with you, your child support may be reduced or possibly eliminated. Consult with an experienced Orlando child support attorney to learn more.

It is important to understand child custody and child support in Florida and to have a legal advocate, so that you are not being taken advantage of by the other party. The Law Office of Amy L. Beauchaine represents either mothers or fathers with child custody and child support determinations and disputes or modifications of support amounts.

Deviations From Statutory Guidelines: When Will the Court Vary the Amount?

At the Law Office of Amy L. Beauchaine, we act as either an advocate for additional child support or in defense of lowering a child support amount. Experienced lawyer Amy L. Beauchaine can make certain that all income and all deductions are properly accounted for.

When the situation dictates, we can ask the court to deviate from the guidelines. The court may only deviate by more than 5 percent from the stated guidelines under circumstances where ordering payment of the guidelines amount would be unjust or inappropriate. Child support takes into consideration some of the following factors:

  • Net income (after deductions) of both parents
  • Payment of health insurance for the children
  • Childcare payments
  • Educational costs, such as private tuition
  • Amount of time-sharing (formerly called visitation) included in the shared parenting plan

There are additional factors included in the determination. At our law office we will make sure that the determinations are accurate, that our clients are well informed, and that we act as strong advocates.

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