Representing the Custody Rights of Fathers and Mothers

Nothing is more important to parents than their children. The unfortunate reality of divorce is that children are unable to spend the same amount of time with both parents as they were before their parents divorced. When representing mothers and fathers in cases involving the custody of children, we strongly encourage parents to put the interests of the children first and to seek a fair custody agreement that protects the best interests of the children. In cases when mutual agreement is not possible, our firm aggressively advocates for the parental rights of the clients we represent.

If you are involved in a custody dispute with your spouse, a relative, third party, or the government, we can help. For help with any custody matter, call the Law Office of Amy L. Beauchaine in Orlando, Florida, at 407-636-2985 or send our Orlando child custody attorney an email.

Our Child Custody Practice Is Comprehensive

The Law Office of Amy L. Beauchaine represents men and women throughout Central Florida in all child custody disputes between parents, third parties and the government. We have extensive experience representing Central Florida clients in:

  • Child custody disputes in a divorce
  • Motions for change of custody
  • Paternity
  • Fathers' rights cases
  • Visitation and time-sharing disputes
  • Third-party custody matters
  • Grandparent custody matters
  • Juvenile Dependency Court (cases involving the government)
  • Custody modification orders

If you are seeking an experienced child custody attorney who will aggressively fight to protect your rights to custody and visitation, attorney Amy L. Beauchaine can help. Amy L. Beauchaine has represented countless clients during her 20 years of legal experience. She practices exclusively in family law and has extensive experience in child custody cases. As a senior attorney with the Department of Children and Families, she was involved in hundreds of cases involving the custody and welfare of children. As a guardian ad litem since 2002, Ms. Beauchaine understands what other guardian ad litems are looking for in custody cases.

We Represent Parents in Juvenile Dependency Hearings

Child welfare proceedings in Juvenile Dependency Court are different than child custody cases in divorce or paternity proceedings. As an experienced family law attorney and former senior attorney with the Department of Children and Families, attorney Amy L. Beauchaine is knowledgeable about the difference between Chapter 39 (dependency hearings) and Chapter 61 (family law) hearings. If you are involved in a dependency hearing and the government is trying to take custody of your children from you, or you are trying to re-establish custody of your child, our office can help.

Contact Our Attorney About Custody and Visitation

For assistance with any custody or visitation matter in Central Florida, call the Law Office of Amy L. Beauchaine at 407-636-2985, or contact experienced child custody lawyer Amy L. Beauchaine online.