Changes and Trends in Alimony Law Can Affect Your Order

Alimony law changes and adapts to the changing times. At the Law Office of Amy L. Beauchaine, we can help you understand how these changes will impact your alimony and divorce settlement.

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Permanent Alimony Is Now Rare

In Florida, the legislature and the courts are moving away from awarding permanent alimony in a divorce. Permanent alimony is becoming more rare and more difficult to get. If the marriage was not long-term, it is only granted in exceptional circumstances. Now, there is more of an emphasis on rehabilitation and retraining so that the dependent spouse can reenter the workforce.

Changes to the Terms and Types of Alimony

In the past, there was a grey area in the law regarding the length of a marriage. An attorney would need to argue whether a marriage was long or moderate in order to secure certain types of alimony, such as permanent alimony. However, recent changes to the alimony statute strictly define these terms:

  • Long-term marriage is more than 17 years
  • Moderate term marriage is more than seven years and less than 17 years
  • Short-term marriage is less than seven years

This can make is easier to give you a straightforward assessment of the types of alimony that may apply in your case. If you had a short-term marriage, for instance, bridge the gap alimony might be appropriate. If you had a moderate term marriage, durational alimony may apply. This new type of alimony allows the court to offer alimony payments for a period no longer than the length of your marriage.

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