We Give Due Consideration to Alimony Challenges and Requests

When two people divorce, and their incomes and earning ability vary, one may be required to pay the other spousal support or alimony. There are very general guidelines in this area, and the amount and duration of the payment will vary based on the needs of one party, the ability of the other party to pay, and the judge's discretion.

Lawyer Amy Beauchaine has been practicing law since 1990, and has represented a great many divorcing individuals who were either requesting spousal support or fighting to deny or limit spousal support. In this area of law, attention to the financial details can be very important. An experienced Orlando alimony attorney can make certain that all the income and all of the expenses are properly accounted for.

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Understanding Spousal Support Determinations

There are a number of factors the judge will consider when awarding spousal support. Effective in 2010, Florida law now recognizes five types of alimony: temporary, rehabilitative, "bridge the gap," durational or permanent. One or more types may apply to your case, depending on the specific facts. Permanent spousal support will last for the duration of the dependent party's life, or until remarriage or cohabitation with a new partner. The alimony factors to be considered are:

  • All sources of income for each party
  • The age, health and emotional condition of you and your spouse
  • The marital assets and marital debts
  • The number of years you were married
  • The standard of living during the marriage
  • Training that may be needed to become employable
  • Your financial and service contributions to the marriage

Hiring an experienced attorney is an important factor as well. The alimony statute change, and spousal support or alimony can be much more difficult to modify than it is to establish correctly at the time of the divorce. The judge's discretion is always a factor. Additionally, there have been recent trends and changes to Florida alimony laws. We can help you understand these changes and how they might affect your case.

We'll Handle Your Alimony Dispute and Help Your Family Move Forward

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