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Travel and its impact on your marriage and divorce

Travel is a lot of fun for couples who can take part in it together, but for those who spend many months apart at a time, it can weigh on the relationship. You've always been successful, and it's been necessary for you to travel. Now, your spouse is leaving you, and you think travel is to blame.

Mistakes doctors make when dealing with divorce counsel

Doctors are just as much business people as they are healers. They tend to the needs of their patients, offering life-transforming treatments, but they also have to tend to the needs of the businesses, grow them and provide financially for themselves and their families.

2 challenges faced by divorcing firefighters

Out of all the professions in government, firefighters are probably the favorite. Children fantasize about growing up to become a firefighter, and adults fantasize about marrying one. Just because firefighters make some of the most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes out there, however, does not mean their marriages always endure.

Will my spouse get to take my house?

Your home has been the one solid and predictable thing in your adult life. Right after college, you were responsible and purchased a beautiful home at a great price, and for a decade you lived in it as a single person. Later, you got married and your spouse came to live with you.

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